There are website designers and then there are web developers. A design is one thing. Creating an amazing user experience for your unique concept online is entirely different. Since 1999 we have been creating custom web presences for some of the most complex online businesses that exist. Creating the backend technology for a large bank is not something that just any company can do. We can.


Do you have a dream that needs to be created with technology? An idea on paper is just that, an idea on paper. Partner with experts that have been building custom web projects for almost two decades and that idea can grow legs, and bring in customers. We sit down with decision makers and listen to your vision for the technology that needs to be created to make that dream a reality. We work through every detail with you along the way, ensuring we create what you had in mind.


Custom web development can be a lot of things. You need an online casino built? We’ve done it. You want a site that allows you to bet on horse racing while watching it in real time? Been there. You want your bank’s technology to exceed the expectations of your customers’ needs. We’ve been a part of making that happen, too. It all starts with a blueprint for what you desire. We’d like to work together with you on creating that blueprint. After all, we are called BlueSpot Solutions, aren’t we?